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The Art of a Creative Super Bowl Campaign

February 1, 2012

I like watching football, but one time a year I get really excited about it. On February 5, I plan to join the projected 100 million other viewers and watch the 46th Super Bowl while the New York Giants and New England Patriots battle it out yet again. Naturally, I enjoy a good football game, but as a PR practitioner, I get the most excited about the Super Bowl’s commercials and their corresponding campaigns.

One such campaign has caught my fancy. This Sunday, Coca Cola will be revealing its interactive polar bear campaign, in which two animated bears will be featured on to help promote and drive social media interaction.

The Wieden + Kennedy masterminds behind the campaign will have two employees manipulating the digital bears’ reactions to the game and advertisements while the game is running, thus keeping the campaign timely and engaging. From a campaign perspective, this concept intrigues me; only so much about it can be planned. This allows the advertisers controlling the bears to think on their feet, offering the audience a truly organic experience.

I like this concept for multiple reasons. Particularly, I am excited to watch the campaign unravel in real-time. As an active participant in driving social media campaigns, I appreciate that this campaign moves beyond one-way communication broadcast advertising by integrating the campaign onto an interactive platform. It is timely, resonates with the broad target audience and combines one of America’s favorite pastimes with one of its favorite brands. I am sold.

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